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Service Mirror Tag Numbers

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Service Mirror Tag Numbers   7 Items  

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Service Mirror Tag Numbers - Heavy Duty   (227783)
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An easy to use tag system for controlling and dispatching cars in your service department. Each control tag consists of three identically numbered parts - a key tag, a claim check, and a rearview mirror identification tag. These tags are 5 5/8" tall x 6 1/2" long. The imprinted numbers are 3" tall. Sold in sets of 1,000. Heavy Paper.

Form ID: 227783
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Service Tag Numbers RL78 (1000)   (227789)
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Auto Dealer Service Dispatch Tags. Large BOLD numbers, manila tag stock, back portion has service advisor, R.O. #, customer and license information. 7" x 6".

Form ID: 227789
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Service Numbers Full Color Custom   (228511)
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Full color Inland service numbers build customer loyalty for pennies. Customers pay attention when you couple full color with a coupon.

Form ID: 228511
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Service Numbers Custom   (228542)
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5.5" x 11" - 1 Sided Numbering
With Return Postcard or Coupon
Let us help you increase your CSI with custom designed customer service numbers with return survey postcard. Now available in any type of lettering/numbering combination, or choose to order colored paper for a great new way to organize your service teams. The front is available with either your Business Reply Mail permit, let your customers pay the postage or design your own! All CSI Numbers are 5.5" x 11" imprinted in black ink. Standard with 1 1/4" hole at top, standard key holes on bottom, and postcard perforations. Need variations? Call you sales rep for details.


Form ID: 228542
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Service Numbers Custom NPC   (230397)
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Anything is possible! That’s right, you can get anything you want on these custom numbers. Any design or verbiage - 1 or 2 sided. Just tell us your ideas and we do the rest, or ask your sales rep for additional ideas on how these numbers can increase your efficiency and create more return business. Standard numbering, white paper, perforations, holes, slits and padding are included in our standard pricing. Variations, including number movement or omission, 5 digits, letters and/or color paper will incur additional charges.

Form ID: 230397
File(s): Wasted-Space_52617-copy_001.pdf
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Service Numbers Stock ST4 (1000)   (231942)
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All our Numbers are available in 3, 4 or 5 number series, along with a new larger 1 1 / 4" hole. Also, our numbers can be printed in any of our stock paper colors. Our special stock numbers are designed to save you money! Tell us your problem, we can help! Order by item number and specify color and 4 digit series when ordering. All stock numbers come in pads of 250 and include a 1 1/4" hole.

Form ID: 231942
File(s): Wasted-Space_52617-copy.pdf
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Service Numbers ST3 (1000)   (240069)
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3 Digit Service Number Made in the USA.

Union Made.

Form ID: 240069
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